As a small, family-owned and operated company,
our mission is to produce the finest bleu cheese available, through hands-on production, from aging to packaging.

Bleu Cheese you're sure to love!

In these times of mass production, the lost art of aging and producing a quality bleu cheese has been reborn with Shaft’s Bleu Vein Cheese. 

The aging process starts with an exquisite bleu cheese from one of Wisconsin’s finest master cheese makers. The products are then aged to perfection, for a minimum of one year, during which they develop Shaft’s signature rich, creamy flavor. With a hands-on involvement in every aspect of the aging and packaging process, Shaft’s Cheese Company provides consumers with one of the finest bleu cheeses available.


About Shaft's Cheese

As you stand in the specialty cheese section of your local grocery store, take a look at the wide selection of cheeses displayed before you.  With the hundreds of different labels to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to choose a unique, yet superior flavor that both compliments and balances your dining or entertaining experience.  The rich flavor of Shaft’s line of cheeses provides exactly that.

So what makes Shaft’s Cheese Company different?  The answer is simple: a love and a passion for cheese. Having been in the cheese industry for over 30 years, we have acquired a good sense of what it takes to be successful in this business.  Our mission is to provide you, the consumer, with the highest quality, full flavored bleu cheese available.  That is why we have created Shaft’s Cheese Company.

It all started in 1999 when an old gold mine tucked within the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range was transformed to become the ideal aging environment for one of the nation’s finest bleu cheeses.  Aged for a minimum of one year to assure quality, Shaft’s Bleu Vein Cheese creates the perfect marriage of unsurpassed taste and texture rarely found in bleu cheese.


We know that there are a variety of bleu vein cheeses out there for you to choose from, however, we are confident that you will find Shaft’s to be the most exceptional bleu vein cheese available on the market without breaking your budget.


Thank you for choosing Shaft’s Cheese Company


Shaft's Bleu Vein Cheese:

A savory, full flavored bleu cheese, aged for a minimum of one year.  This cheese is made with only the highest quality rBST free pasteurized cow’s milk. Shaft's unique aging process produces a rich, creamy flavor that is the signature of Shaft's Bleu Vein Cheese.  This product has a big, bold flavor without the overpowering taste that can often accompany bleu cheeses.  Enjoy this versatile cheese on everything from crackers to steaks.


Ellie's Vintage 2 Year Reserve:

A classic, elegant bleu vein cheese aged for a minimum of 24 months. The additional aging process creates a rare and unique cheese that has a smooth, creamy taste.  With its sweet finish, Ellie’s Vintage makes for a bleu cheese that is about as close to a perfect bleu cheese as one can get.


An exquisite blend of Shaft’s Bleu Vein Cheese and Wisconsin’s finest aged sharp cheddar. With both cheeses being aged for at least one year, the balance between the cheddar and bleu make for an irresistible combination. The perfect cheese for entertaining!



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