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Blue Cheese you're sure to love!

Some things do get better with age.

Not your average blue. Uniquely aged to produce a bold, creamy cheese that mellows on the palate.


The best marrying.......
Wisconsin milk & California Craft  

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About Shaft's Cheese

The creamy, robust flavors of our aged blue cheese was discovered by accident. Some "past date" blue cheese being stored in a foothills mineshaft was offered to John Gibson Sr. (founder of Shaft's).


Curious to learn what this additional aging and environment would do for the blue cheese, he decided he had to try it. What he found knocked his socks off. He knew he had found a special blue cheese that he had to share with others.


What followed was carefully selecting the best milk, cheesemaker, and perfecting the aging environment. We wanted to get it just right. We like to say its Wisconsin Cheese + California Craft.


Shaft's Bleu Vein Cheese:

A savory, full-flavored blue cheese, aged for a minimum of one year. Our unique aging process produces a rich, creamy bold flavor without the overpowering taste that can often accompany blue cheese.


Ellie's Vintage 2 Year Reserve:

A classic, elegant blue cheese aged for a minimum of 24 months. The additional aging process creates a unique cheese that has a smooth, creamy taste with a sweet finish.


Shaft’s blue cheese and Wisconsin’s aged sharp cheddar. With both cheeses being aged for at least one year, the balance between the cheddar and blue make for an irresistible combination.



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